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Talk 13
09:20-09:40Talk 02
Talk 14
09:40-10:00Talk 03Talk 15
10:00-10:20Talk 04Talk 16
10:40-11:00Talk 05
Talk 17
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Talk 18
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Talk 19
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Talk 20
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Talk 21
15:40-16:00Talk 10
Talk 22
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Plenary 1
“Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles”
Prof. Matthias Epple

Plenary 2
“Thermophoresis of biological and biocompatible systems”
Prof. Simone Wiegand

Talk 01
“Luminescent nanotubular Layered Double Hydroxides”
Prof. Danilo Mustafá

Talk 02
“Supramolecular Engineering of Peptides for Aldol Reactions”
Prof. Wendel Andrade Alves

Talk 03
“Soft X-ray tools to probe quantum matter at Sirius”
Dr. Tulio Rocha

Talk 04
“Pair Distribution Function Analysis of High‐Energy X‐ray Scattering Data”
Dr. Cristiane Barbieri Rodella

Talk 05
“Ab-initio DFT calculations applied to su perconducting materials”
Prof. Luiz Tadeu Fernandes Eleno

Talk 06
“The XAFS technique Applied to the study of the Atomic and Electronic Structure of Inorganic Materials”
Prof. Valmor Roberto Mastelaro

Talk 07
“In-situ Characterization of Nanoparticle Nucleation and Growth via Pair Distribution Function Technique”
Prof. Reinhard B. Neder

Talk 08
“Highly branched Fe3O4@SiO2@Ag-Au microflowers asSERS aptasensors for troponin I analysis”
Prof. Italo Odone Mazali

Talk 09
“Computer simulations through ab-initio electronic structure calculations: a powerful tool”
Prof. Helena Maria Petrilli

Talk 10
“The Nanoscopic Structure of Nucleic Acids Carriers Based on the Trojan Peptide Penetratin”
Prof. Emerson R. Silva

Talk 11
“The bio-nano interface: Probing the interactions of proteins with ultrasmall gold nanoparticles”
Prof. Alioscka Augusto C. A. Sousa

Talk 12
“”ZnO nanoparticles doped with transition metals: structural e magnétic properties”
Prof. Valmir A. Chitta

Talk 13
“Nanoparticle-Based Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy”
Prof. Martha Simões Ribeiro

Talk 14
“Suitable Useful Techniques for Nanoparticles Characterization”
Prof. Leandro Martín Socolovsky

Talk 15
“Investigating Nanosystems Using Scattering Methods”
Prof. Cristiano Luis Pinto de Oliveira

Talk 16
“Crystallographic investigation of nanomaterials by means of X-ray powder diffraction”
Dr. Oleg Prymak

Talk 17
“Structure changes of protective layers in microlamps under polarization”
Prof. Márcia C. A. Fantini

Talk 18
“Theranosticfor cancer tumors treatment using magnetic nanoparticles: actual status and future perspectives”
Dr. Lionel Gamarra

Talk 19
New methods for evaluation of surface employed in sensor and biosensor design”
Prof. Eduardo Méndez

Talk 20
“Influence of an external magnetic field in the two-photon absorption coefficient of magnetite nanoparticles in colloids and thin films”
Prof. Antonio M. F. Neto

Talk 21
“Nanomagnets for biomedical applications”
Dr. Ulf Wiedwald

Talk 22
UDE 1 invite

Sponsor 1

Quantum Design
QDI-LATAM solutions for frontier research in Physics, Materials Science and Biophysics
Fabio Henrique de Moraes Cavalcante, PhD

X-ray diffraction: a powerful method for the characterization of nanomaterials
Renato Figueira da Silva

Sponsor 2


ABCr – Brazilian Crystallographic Association
Marcia Fantini